SuckerStraws are Zero-Waste and Carbon Neutral!


Zero- Waste and Carbon Neutral

By switching to SuckerStraws, not only will you eliminate endless single-use waste, you are financing Kenyan Reforestation Projects that:

  1. Offset 100% of the carbon emissions from the manufacture and delivery of SuckerStraws metal straws and baskets
  2. Reduce poverty in local communities and provide sustainable jobs
  3. Provide crucial wildlife habitats for flora and fauna
  4. Support orphans and local people living with HIV/AIDS 

Check out the amazing progress that's been made!


SuckerStraws support reforestation projects in Kenya to offset carbon emissions from manufacture and shipping of reusable metal straws- Kenya in 2012


SuckerStraws support reforestation projects in Kenya to offset carbon emissions from manufacture and shipping of reusable metal straws- Kenya in 2019



With your help, SuckerStraws funds the planting of trees in these local Kenyan communities resulting in net zero carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere!
So, you can be proud to be serving your drinks with straws that are zero-waste because they are reusable AND are 100% carbon neutral.

Every time you reuse a SuckerStraw you are effectively eliminating the waste and CO2 that would have been emitted by a disposable straw like plastic, paper, bamboo, pasta or bioplastic. 

As a result of reusing SuckerStraws in your bar or restaurant, you are actually reducing the amount of CO2 emissions and waste that would have otherwise been in our environement. A net-positive impact on the environment from something as small as a straw!


How do we calculation our emissions?

We've used studies to calculate the CO2 emissions for manufacture, transport and packaging per box of 20 SuckerStraws metal straws.


Analysis has found that the manufacture of stainless steel straws emits 140.91g CO2 per straw.


In the same study, the researchers found that the transport of a stainless steel straw on an 18 hour journey (Guangdong to California) emits 76.24g CO2 per straw. SuckerStraws travel 13 hours to the UK, which therefore emits 46.92g CO2 per straw.

To deliver your order from the UK to you, we use low-emission and low-energy consumption fulfilment company, Fulfilmentcrowd, to undertake all of our deliveries. Fulfilmentcrowd are committed to reducing the harmful impacts of ecommerce and already offset the CO2 emissions from the warehousing and delivery of SuckerStraws! Read more about our partnership with them here.


To be completely carbon neutral, we must also consider the CO2 emitted in the manufacture of the cardboard boxes.
Studies have found that the manufacture of 1kg of cardboard emits 0.538kg of CO2. The SuckerStraws boxes weigh 16g, and therefore emit 8.6g CO2 per box.


Per box of 20 SuckerStraws, the CO2 emissions including manufacture, transport and packaging total 3765.2g CO2.
Download Carbon Offset Certificate!
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