Will Metal Straws Get Stolen?

Will metal straws get stolen?

Theft of metal cutlery is frustrating.

Metal straws are reusable which is supposed to cut down your costs as you're not constantly buying them!

From our experience, whether theft is a problem depends on the type of venue. Many of our bar and restaurant customers have never needed to re-order straws over a year after their initial Starter Set order. Others have needed to re-order multiple times, but see it as an investment into their sustainable branding and part of their cutlery spend.

Some solutions!

Serving reusable metal straws to customers only upon request is a successful strategy used by some venues to essentially eliminate theft. The visibility of the request provides accountability in the mind of the customer and deters them from stealing.


Groups of people love using reusable sustainable SuckerStraws in bars and restaurants

Another strategy used is to implement a $1/£1/€1 deposit for a reusable metal straw, encouraging return of the straw and (more than!) covering costs if the customer keeps it.


Small deposit for sustainable metal SuckerStraws to avoid theft in bars and restaurants

By purchasing a Starter Set, many venues choose to trial reusable metal straws to test customer and employee reaction to them, and monitor how many go missing over a set period of time.

With a free upgrade to express shipping, you can quickly and easily have the Starter Set in trial at your venue within a week, worldwide!

Worried about the cost of theft? Read our analysis of the cost of metal straws (including for a 20% replacement rate) versus other straw options for your business here.





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