Six Quick Pros and Cons of Bamboo Straws For Your Bar or Restaurant

Bamboo straws look fun and are biodegradable, but are disposable and pose health and safety concerns for your bar, pub, cafe or restaurant.

✅ Provide a laid-back tropical vibe appropriate for some tiki bars and holiday resorts.

✅ Break down in the ocean in 4-6 months, so are unlikely to be harmful to wildlife.

❌ Highly absorbent so difficult to clean properly... saliva is absorbed which poses a health and safety risk and drinks are absorbed which affects the taste of the next drink served.

❌ Will break after 1-15 uses, so are essentially still a disposable product contributing to waste and costing money to replace.

❌ Are a disposable item, wasting the world’s finite resources as they are re-manufactured constantly to be used just a few times. The land-use impacts and CO2 emissions from transportation are repeated over and over again, having a never ending negative impact on the environment. Learn more about the environmental impact of the different plastic straw alternatives, including bamboo, by clicking here.

❌ Cannot be washed in the dishwasher or glasswasher, so need to be hand scrubbed which is time consuming for staff.

❌ Lose bars and restaurants money. Read our analysis of the cost of different straw options, including bamboo (accounting for an average 7x reuse rate) by clicking here.





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