Pros and Cons of Plastic Straws For Bars and Restaurants

There's a huge focus on plastic straws in the hospitality industry worldwide. So what are the pros and cons for your business?

✅ Available in a variety of fun colours and shapes

✅ Inexpensive to buy, although as they are disposable this is a never ending cost. Read our analysis here.

✅ An accessibility tool for some people with certain disabilities that require malleable or soft straws that last for a long time.

❌ Plastic straws are terrible for the environment because they can't be recycled and will last forever as plastic never biodegrades. If they end up in landfill, they will lay there for centuries, eventually breaking up into microplastics which get into our soil, poisoning waterways that we drinks from and polluting the air we breathe. If they end up in the ocean they will be there for over five centuries, harming and killing marine wildlife, polluting our beaches, and eventually breaking down into microplastics which poison the human food supply.

❌ Plastic straws are single-use; they are used only once and then discarded. This means that all of the resources and pollution that goes into producing and transporting the straw to you is all for a single 20 minute use, only for more pollution to be emitted and resources to be wasted to make and ship even more plastic straws - all of which will be discarded after only one use and will go on to pollute the earth forever. Wasteful, right?! Learn more.

❌ Using plastic straws is damaging your business' reputation in the eyes of your customers and losing you money. Plastic straws have become the visible indication of a venue's sustainable and social consciousness. Statistics show that the stakes are high for the hospitality industry when it comes to embracing sustainability. Learn more by clicking here.

    ❌ Even if the environment isn't really your thing, national and state governments in the USA, EU and UK have committed to plans to force venues to get on board within the next 2 years through banning single-use straws. In the UK, plastic straws are banned from April 2020, and in the EU plastic straws are to be banned from December 2020. 

    Looking for an alternative? Learn about the 6 alternatives to plastic straws by clicking here.






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