Six Quick Pros and Cons of Paper Straws For Your Bar or Restaurant

Many bars and restaurants worldwide have embraced paper straws as the easy alternative to plastic straws- what are the benefits and do customers like them?

Pros and Cons of Paper Straws


✅ Break down in the ocean in 30-60 days unlike plastic or bioplastic, so they won't harm the environment or wildlife.

✅ Fairly inexpensive to buy (although, being disposable, this is a constant cost to keep up with)

❌ Many are made from unsustainable forests (non-FSC certified) and destroying forests for straws just creates another environmental problem...

❌ Cannot be recycled once contaminated with drink. In landfill they will never decompose as there is no oxygen (25% of all waste in landfill is paper!) and they're often disposed of by bars and restaurants in big black garbage bags anyway!

❌ Quickly go soggy and taste awful, ruining your customers' drinking experience, and most people hate using them. This also forces venues to serve 2 or more per drink, increasing waste and costs.

❌ Are a disposable single-use item, wasting the world’s finite resources as they are re-manufactured constantly to be used for just a few minutes

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