Six Quick Pros and Cons of Paper Straws For Your Bar or Restaurant

Many bars and restaurants worldwide have embraced paper straws as the easy alternative to plastic straws- what are the benefits and do customers like them?

✅ Break down in the ocean in 30-60 days unlike plastic or bioplastic, so they won't harm the environment or wildlife.

❌ Many are made from unsustainable forests (non-FSC certified) and destroying forests for straws just creates another environmental problem...

❌ Cannot be recycled once contaminated with drink. In landfill they will never decompose as there is no oxygen (25% of all waste in landfill is paper!) and they're often disposed of by bars and restaurants in big black garbage bags anyway! Learn more about the sustainability of different straw options here.

❌ Quickly go soggy and taste awful, ruining your customers' drinking experience, and most people hate using them. This also forces venues to serve 2 or more per drink, increasing waste and costs.

❌ Are a disposable single-use item, wasting the world’s finite resources as they are re-manufactured constantly to be used for just a few minutes

❌ Lose your business money. Read our analysis of the cost of different straw options for your bar or restaurant here.

Can you think of more pros and cons on paper straws? Let us know in the comments!






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