Six Important Points to Consider Before Switching to Metal Straws

    Pros and cons of zero waste metal straws to consider before you switch
  1. Metal straws can be stolen by customers. Whether this is an issue depends on the type of venue. You can learn the two best strategies to avoid theft of your metal straws here.

  2. Metal straws will stop your business losing money on endlessly buying disposable straws - even if you account for a 20% replacement rate. Read our analysis of how much businesses are losing on the different straw options by clicking here now. How much are you willing to lose over the next 10 years?

  3. Metal straws are sustainable because they are reusable. Reusing is clearly always better for the environment than remaking single-use disposable straws over and over. This is true for waste, carbon footprint, production and shipping. The circular economy (make and reuse) is superior to a linear economy (make, use and dispose). Read a detailed analysis of the sustainability of the different straw options by clicking here.

  4. Metal straws are a visible indication of a venue's sustainable and social consciousness. Environmentally unfriendly choices will repel potential customers, compel customers to spend less and discourage customer loyalty so it is imperative that venues get this right.  Learn more about what multiple studies show about customer expectations by clicking here.

  5. Metal straws are hygienic if washed in a glasswasher or dishwasher. It's no different from your other metal cutlery that you wash and reuse. Read more by clicking here.

  6. Metal straws have had some safety concerns reported, and are not appropriate for some venue types or for children. But, if you trust your customers with metal cutlery and glassware, metal straws are no different. Read our analysis by clicking here

Your business deserves to thrive as customers turn away from environmentally unfriendly venues.

Your customers deserve to be served delicious guilt-free drinks without furry, soggy paper straws compromising their enjoyment.

The Earth deserves an enduring reusable solution to the plastic environmental crisis.






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