How Safe Are Metal Straws For Customers?

Are metal straws safe?

With regards to accidentally getting a reusable metal straw up the nostril or in the eye, it seems reasonable to think that this would happen at the same frequency as with other straw types. But, concerningly, if it were to happen with a metal straw, the injury would be much more severe as the straw would not bend.

So far, after over 1 year of operating, we have had no reported incidences of injury. Venues that use SuckerStraws include live music venues, beach resorts, golf clubs, restaurants, wine bars, cocktail bars, cafes / coffee shops, mobile event bars and pubs. However we cannot guarantee that an injury will not take place somewhere at some point.

Starbucks, in the US in 2016, recalled their stainless steel straws as the ends were sharp and were cutting children’s mouths. While our metal straws have rounded ends and are perfectly safe, we recommend that, like the rest of the cutlery provided, children do not use these.

There have also recently been reports online of a lady who died from brain damage when a steel straw went through her eye. This was a straw she owned personally and was drinking from a mason-jar drinking glass and using a metal straw fixed in place by the lid when she slipped while walking by her pool. "It seems the main problem here is if the lid hadn't been in place the straw would have moved away," said assistant coroner Brendan Allen. The fact that the metal straw was fixed in place by the lid meant that the straw couldn't move with the momentum of the fall- an issue you would not encounter in a pub or restaurant. An accident is possible with all types of cutlery and glassware in a venue. 

These examples suggest that reusable metal straws pose a low-risk to personal injury and a significantly lower risk to injury than much of the other glassware and cutlery bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants provide their guests (knives, steak knives, forks, glasses, bottles, wine bottles). The straws probably pose a similar risk to spoons or chopsticks.

If you trust your customers with metal cutlery and glassware, metal straws are no different.


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