5 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Serving Bioplastic Straws In Your Bar Or Restaurant

Bio-plastic "compostable" PLA straws (made from wheat, rice or corn) are NOT an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws.

This blog post was supposed to be a pros and cons list... but we couldn't come up with any pros!

❌ Will not biodegrade if thrown in the bin (only if disposed of in an industrial high-heat composter- how many of us have access to one of these!?)

❌ In landfill they will never decompose- exactly the same as a normal plastic straw!

❌ In the ocean they will break up into microplastics, poisoning marine life and contaminating the human food supply. Which is also exactly the same as a normal plastic straw!

❌ Are a disposable single-use item, wasting the world’s finite resources as they are re-manufactured constantly to be used for just a few minutes

❌ Look almost identical to plastic straws... so your customers won't even recognise your efforts!

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