5 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Serving Bioplastic Straws In Your Bar Or Restaurant

Bio-plastic "compostable" PLA straws (made from wheat, rice or corn) are NOT an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws.

This blog post was supposed to be a pros and cons list... but we couldn't come up with any pros!

❌ Will not biodegrade if thrown in the bin (only if disposed of in an industrial high-heat composter- how many of us have access to one of these!?)

❌ In landfill they will never decompose- exactly the same as a normal plastic straw!

❌ In the ocean they will break up into microplastics, poisoning marine life and contaminating the human food supply. Which is also exactly the same as a normal plastic straw!

❌ Are a disposable single-use item, wasting the world’s finite resources as they are re-manufactured constantly to be used for just a few minutes. Learn more about the sustainability of different straw options here.

❌ Look almost identical to plastic straws... so your customers won't even recognise your efforts!

PLUS... bioplastic straws lose your business money. Check out our analysis of the cost of different straw options for your bar or restaurant here. How much are you willing to lose over the next 10 years?






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