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View SuckerStraws reusable sustainable metal straws trustpilot reviews 4.5 star excellent rating

Rated "Excellent" by Trustpilot with 4.6 stars.

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"Great product- they look smart and are easy to clean."

Steph H. - Trustpilot.com

"Absolutely love these straws. They are super easy to wash in your dishwasher or by hand. The design is great and the straws look amazing in summer drinks or cocktails."

Caroline V. - Trustpilot.com

"Such a great present for my big family. They all drink iced coffee ( Greek frappe) and they always forget to buy straws ūü§£ūü§£, now they don’t have to."

Aita. K - Trustpilot.com

"SuckerStraws are absolutely amazing! Every one needs them. They cause no wastage or harm to the environment and are reusable and come with the correct equipment to clean them so they are also very hygienic.
A highly recommended product!"

Demi R. - Trustpilot.com

"SuckerStraws are great - high quality, look & feel good and easy to clean. Would definitely recommend!"

Ben E. - Trustpilot.com